Use your Noodle

I’m always looking for new items to add to my art supply collection.  One of my favorite spots is the Dollar Store.  My latest find was this bright orange noodles for the pool.  IMG_6945Most people would buy one for swimming, but I saw a great tool for stamping!  I can easily cut it into 20 slices.  That’s 20 stamps for $1.  Woohoo!

I started by cutting off a slice from the noodle with an exact o knife.


Next I put some paint on a brayer and rolled it onto the noodle slice.  Then I stamped it onto my art journal page.

Then I added a second color.  I also noticed when I rolled the brayer onto the page, it kept the pattern from the noodle.  How cool!

But wait, there’s more.  I decided to cut the noodle slice in half to make half circles.

I also tried turning the half slice and stamping with the ends.  I pressed to stamp.  Then I turned in a circular motion.  I’m digging these marks!


I added another layer with gesso and made more circles and stamping marks.


Then did a little collaging with some gift wrapping paper with feathers, and some other design paper to give the layered look.  I touched up the lettering with a black pen.  Final touches were adding some white splatters, touches of gold paint and hand drawn spirals.  img_6970.jpg

Now it’s time to use your noodle.  Think about all of the items you have in your home with patterns and texture that could be used as a stamp.  Share your comments on what you have discovered.






###Happy Creating!

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