I did it!

The last couple of years my creativity shifted from writing and photography to coloring. This led to art journaling and mixed media art. I haven’t felt this passionate about something in years. Things have fallen into place. 

I wanted to attend classes and workshops, but the closest one was about an hour away. So I decided to look for a workshop space where I could facilitate what I’ve learned. Soon after, my friend told me about this great space where she was renting a room for reflexology. She happens to mentioned this place also had a great room for workshops. Wha what?? She didn’t even know I was looking. Ok Universe! I get it! Ha!

I contacted the owners and was in their office a week later talking about dates for my workshop. The center where I rent space is amazing. It’s called Tranquili-Chi Center. They have several practitioners that do massage, reflexology, aroma therapy and more. I felt calm the minute I walked into the space. This led to the name of my first workshop which was called “Meditate and Create ~ An Intro Mixed Media & Art Journaling.”

I did it! After some planning and practicing, I led my first workshop! It was an amazing experience. Everyone’s masterpieces were so impressive. I can’t wait to lead the next one!

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