Magic Stamps

I finally got a chance to try out the magic stamps. They are awesome!  I had to heat the blue block for about 10 seconds. Once hot, I imprinted a few designs using the cap of a marker and circle top.  I just pressed and held down the pen top for a few seconds.  And Viola! A new stamp was born.

The stamp creations didn’t end there. I went on to make a few more. I heated the blue magic stamp with my heating tool. Then I stepped on each one with different Nike soul.  Yes, I’m referring to my Nike running shoes.  They have such cool patterns on the souls these days. I was quite happy with the results. 

Process Notes:

Now it was time to try out the new magic stamps. I used acrylic paints. I tried dabbing the stamps in the paint and stamping. I also painted directly on the stamp before stamping on the page. 

For the next one I dabbed some paint onto the magic stamps and started to create the background. If you look closely, you can see the markings onthe page below. Next I used my trusty dot stencil and random colors. This added more layers and gave an additional texture feel. I continued adding layers of stamps and stenciling until if felt right.  

I love playing with these stamps and seeing the new patterns. I just let go and stamp away. Then layer on some paint and a little stenciling. It’s mysterious because I never know how it will look when it’s done for the day. 

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