Heart Art

When I am in my head, I cannot create.  I find it overwhelming to look at a blank page if I’m thinking about what I need to put on it.  The pressure!  So I take a deeeeep breath. (Several deep breaths if necessary.)  I recenter and connect with my heart space.  I let go of the thoughts.

At that point, I pick up the brush or marker or stamp or stencil and create.  This is what I call “Heart Art.”  It is from the heart.  A free expression from within.  For this art session, I had no idea what the finished spread would look like.  I started with some finder painting using blues, greens and purples.  Then I used a lit to draw various circles.  I also splattered white, pink and gold.  I also made line markings.


I got out one of my heart stencils and filled it in using modeling paste.  (Love modeling paste!)  Once dry, I used some Distress Spray Stain – red and pint to color the heart.  Then I filled some of the circle with white.  However a few turned a tinge of pink from the spray stain.  I used black puffy letters to spell our Art Heart.  Then I used a white Uniball Signo to make dots on the lettering.


If you find it challenging to create and feel stuck, it happens.  Try doing some deep breathing before you start.  Recenter and connect with your heart.  Your heart will guide you to create some amazing masterpieces!


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